D'APRÈS Um Vicente, algures entre LISBOA - LONDRES - XANGAI - BRUXELAS

segunda-feira, maio 7

Xangai - a sequela


Blogger Ana Cláudia Vicente said...

Que-re-mos-mais! Que-re-mos-mais!Que-re-mos-mais!Que-re-mos-mais!

1:49 da manhã

Blogger Francis C. Afonso said...

Tás bonito, pá. Aquilo que está atrás é cenário do Flash Gordon, não é? Parece o palácio do Ming. Abraço

3:37 da tarde

Anonymous Diego said...

Concordo c/ Francis, tás bonito mesmo!

8:50 da tarde

Blogger adam said...

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5:25 da tarde

Blogger Theo said...

Well I'll be damned..!! Is this Nuno Vicente my postgraduate collegue at University of Newcastle upon Tyne..!? It's me Theo the crazy Greek guy! You know seeing you and Yasu still being together (and married to each other I pressume..!!??) almost brought tears to my eyes man (no kidding..) Anyway, plz sent me an e-mail as soon as you see this message...thzazopo@gmail.com

Pack your bags and come to Greece this summer...ASAP..!!

sorry for typing English but my Portuguese isn't very good..!!

7:49 da tarde

Anonymous Anónimo said...

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5:21 da tarde

Blogger Felipe said...

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3:37 da manhã

Anonymous Anónimo said...

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